A motorized pergola with louvered roof will extend your outdoor patio or deck space to a relatively closed indoor leisure room. The louvers in the roof rotate up to 120 degrees, allowing you to control the amount of shade and sun with the remoter controller or mobile APP. When it is closed, the roof is 100% water resistant with the sealed louver and full gutter system. Furthermore, the outdoor roller screen shade at the four sides provide perfect rain and wind resistance with the zipper lock.

With a motorized pergola, you would get below benefits:

  1. Protect from Elements: Lion pergola can provide full shield from UV rays, rain and snow, protect your patio deck and furniture.
  2. Meet different needs: Want to have shade in the summer and also have the sunshine in the winter for the same space? Just an App operation or remote controller you can have the freedom.
  3. Extremely Durable: Made from 100% aircraft grade extruded aluminum 6063-T5, Lion Pergola are built to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. Furthermore, it is maintenance free, up to 15-20 years lifespan, you just need to get it installed once and enjoy it for ever.

With several options and add-ons available such as side screen shade, LED lighting, ceiling fans, and heaters, Lion’s motorized pergola can provide a full shield outdoor space for your friends party, leisure tea time, kids game room and others.