Lion Motorized Louvered Pergola Light Duty Style

LION’S LIGHT DUTY PERGOLA combines architectural aesthetics  with shading product practicality and modern technology together, and it is manufactured entirely aluminum profile and stainless steel components for a low maintenance, long-lasting product. The structure is engineered to withstand high winds of 80km/h and heavy snow loads of 25 cm depth for closed blades condition. Compared with heavy duty style, this one is more smart and cost effetive

Simple Construction and solid material

UV protection and Water Proof

App operation

Lion motorized louvered roof system is ideal for any outdoor living area such as patios, decks, lanais, verandas, entry ways, courtyards, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools and spas. A variety of colors, materials and finishes are available to compliment any architectural style. Units can be free-standing or attached to existing structures to enhance any area requiring convenient sun weather control.

Patio Cover

Side Roller Screen Shade is option

Flexible installation and multiple application