When our house and budget is small, we must find creative ways to extend the place. We can either continue it with one more room or even a little patio. There are many inspiring ideas that you can find with our pergola and patio covers. In this article, we have collected projects from our clients, where they show us terraces, back yard or incredible solutions that manage to create a more significant environment.

1. Back Porch Cover

First of all, Creating a porch cover in the back yard is a fabulous ideal. Placing some furniture and curtains under the pergola and enjoying the sun or shield as per your needs, your back yard would be crowded during your home party time.

2. Closed Terrace

Building a small terrace which is closed with four sides of roller screen shade would be a perfect solution to create an extension recreation room for your house.

3. Shaded Balcony

To have a motorized retractable roof on your balcony is also worthy a shot. Having a cup of coffee with your friends in this balcony is a fantastic choice in your leisure time.

4. Long yard

If you have a long yard then using wall attached retractable PVC roofing might suit your requirements. In addition, you can create a gourmet kitchen separate from the house. It will allow you have room for gatherings.

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