How To Stay Cool And Enjoy The Sun This Summer

In the summer seasons, there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a cool drink or a quiet time and relaxing in your patio area. However, when sunny days arrive most people become anxious about going outside and enjoying the weather. Here at LION Outdoor Living, we believe we have the perfect solution to help you make the most of longer days, rising temperatures, and more sunshine. You can enjoy the summer season even more with our Patio retractable awnings. Patio Retractable Awning Benefits The benefits of patio awnings are endless when you want to create an extra shade on your [...]

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Why Roller Blinds And Shutters Are Becoming A Popular Choice For Home Renovation

  Home renovations can be costly and time-consuming. But here is the good news; there is some perfect solution to renovate your home quickly and without spending more than your budget. Roller blind shades and shutters are an easy and affordable way to renovate your living space. Here are some of the best reasons why Roller blind and Rolling Shutter are becoming a popular choice: They Are So Easy To Use Roller blind and Rolling Shutter can be motorized for quicker and easier use. You can motorize the roller shades and easily control the opening and closing of your blind [...]

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Turn Your Own Garden Pavilion Into A Perfect Living Room

It is always a pleasant feeling to spend time in a beautiful garden. Now imagine spending more time in your garden, virtually any hour and in any weather. This can be achieved by adding additional structure in your garden. Adding Garden Pavilion is a great way to enhance your garden look as well as an outdoor living experience. LION Outdoor Living provides aluminum outdoor shading products that are appealing, functional, durable, and user-friendly to help you renovate your outdoor garden area into a more fun, livable, and functional area. Achieving the perfect garden pavilion structure is all about knowing what [...]

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Make Your Outdoor Space More Livable With Outdoor Aluminum Shading. It’s Beneficial For Your Health

For those who choose to stay indoors under the comfort of air conditioning in order to avoid the heat, humidity, and noise outside, you may not be doing much favor to your health. Being surrounded by recirculated air and artificial lighting all day will have adverse effects on your health and wellbeing. It can lead to various health issues including anxiety and restlessness, sleep troubles, poor immune system, and bone and muscle weakness. It is essential that you take care of your body, mind, and soul by providing them what they need. Most of the natural essentials that your health [...]

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Electric Pergolas Is Now The Hottest Trends In Hospitality Market

Electric Pergola is the newest and practical way of maximizing outdoor space, and the hospitality industries seem to be taking advantage of its best features in renovating their outdoor commercial areas. How is Electric Pergola helping the Hospitality Market? By Providing Extra Outdoor Usable Space As we all know, in today’s market the value of a small piece of land is huge. Electric Pergola allows hotel owners and restaurant owners to make the best use of their property space by making outdoor space usable, offering their guests a comfortable outdoor seating option to sit, relax, and spend at their establishment. [...]

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Outdoor Shading Solution For Creating An Awe-Inspiring Backyard

Want to create an awe-inspiring Backyard? Here is why you should choose Retractable Awnings and Electric Pergola Outdoor Shading Solution  More and more homeowners and business owners are discovering the advantages of installing Electric Pergola and Retractable Awnings as a means to extend and enhance their outdoor living space and creating a more relaxing environment.From providing shade and protection from the sun while still allowing natural sunlight in the area, Electric Pergola and Retractable Awnings provide many more benefits.Hassle-free Installation and RemovalThey can be easily installed and require no alteration to the household. This is especially beneficial if you are [...]

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Enhance Your Outdoors With Rolling Shutter This Summer

Want to shade your outdoor living area from too much heat or rain? Want to add a decorative component to your backyard? Want to keep the bugs out? Well, Lion Outdoor Living has got you covered with Rolling Shutter to give your home the desired look. It can serve as a unique architectural statement to your home. This product is wind resistant and waterproof, which makes it long-lasting and low on maintenance. The fabric used will not come out of the product’s side guide rails because of the zipper teeth used in its making and would keep the mosquitoes and [...]

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Shade-Up Your Outdoor Space With Motorized Pergola This Summer

Want to give your outdoor garden a more visual appeal? Want to experience the sun and the fresh breeze under a cover? Looking for a space to place those newly potted plants you have? Well, all this can be sorted with one easy solution - add a pergola! A pergola is a simple structure with no walls, built with roof beams and vertical beams, but no solid roof that can transform your backyard and add definition to it. If you want to control the amount of shade and sun according to your needs with just a click, a motorized pergola [...]

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The Benefits Of A Motorized Pergola

A motorized pergola with louvered roof will extend your outdoor patio or deck space to a relatively closed indoor leisure room. The louvers in the roof rotate up to 120 degrees, allowing you to control the amount of shade and sun with the remoter controller or mobile APP. When it is closed, the roof is 100% water resistant with the sealed louver and full gutter system. Furthermore, the outdoor roller screen shade at the four sides provide perfect rain and wind resistance with the zipper lock. With a motorized pergola, you would get below benefits: Protect from Elements: Lion pergola [...]

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How To Extend Your House In An Eco Way?

When our house and budget is small, we must find creative ways to extend the place. We can either continue it with one more room or even a little patio. There are many inspiring ideas that you can find with our pergola and patio covers. In this article, we have collected projects from our clients, where they show us terraces, back yard or incredible solutions that manage to create a more significant environment. 1. Back Porch Cover First of all, Creating a porch cover in the back yard is a fabulous ideal. Placing some furniture and curtains under the pergola and [...]

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