Instant Outdoor Shading Solution

Electrical Pergola, Patio Covers, Pavilions, Retractable Awnings, Carports, Rolling Shutter, Rolling Shielding etc.

LION Outdoor Living  is a manufacturer specialized on Aluminum outdoor shading products for around 20 years. Begins business from the production of sphere window awnings since 2000 and then extend the product line to rolling shutter , retractable awning and pergola, we combine architectural aesthetics  with shading product practicality and modern technology together, make every item to be appealing, solid, functional, simple and user friendly.


Elegant Sunshade Solutions:

Heavy Duty Pergola, Light Duty Pergola, PVC roofing Pergola, Outdoor Waterproof Roller Shade, Retractable Awning, there would be one can meet your needs!

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